Community Certification

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We believe in the ground, in people, in the value of work, in honesty.
We put daily the good practices based on trust and respect.
For this reason we have decided, from this year to undertake the way of the Community Certification.

It is a difficult path, because all the paths of democracy, of from the bottom participation, of transparency are difficult and hard. But it is a path we deeply believe.

When your neighbour brings you a slice of cake from her son’s birthday do you trust what you eat?
When you buy cheese or eggs from the farmer in the village do you trust what you eat?
When you prepared homemade jam and you give it to your daughter for the breakfast cake do you trust what you eat?

That’s it, you don’t need stamps and certifications coming from far away, and, more than once not taking into notice the local systems, family agriculture and informal communities.

In order to say that we are certain about our oil, the quality of the soil and our agronomic practices, the healthiness during the transformation phases, the respect we’ve got for the man, the women, the landscape we live in, we won’t look for external certifiers, but at you.

At our suppliers, our clients, our technicians, our contributors, our neighbours, friends and to whom support us and who will want to help with criticism and observations on how to improve our oil.

We want that to certificate our work with reliability and seriousness is a horizontal and open net where values and principles are shared in order to create a mutual and transparent system of guarantee.

We all have the right and the due to contribute to the knowledge about what we eat, and promoting the culture that respects food quality, man’s work, increasing the value of the local resources and typicalness, becoming aware of every single consumer.

This is a dream that can be and must be achieved and it has represented by a community of food hackers that already in the world is working, trying to subvert models proved to be ineffective. Tenuta Bianco is proud to be a part of this community.