How we make olive oil

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Respect of the soil is not negotiable, for this reason we grow our olive trees following techniques of natural and sustainable agriculture.

We have substituted chemical with wisdom, listening, patience and work. We practise natural regrassing and we cultivated legumes that will enrich the soil of nutritive substances and they will protect it from erosion.

We use systems of integrated control, organic fertilisation, promoting the use of environmentally-sound cultivation practices, production techniques and waste-management practices with the main objective of restoring the natural vegetative activity of the soil and of the plants.
We prune our olive trees with the method of the multi-branched (polyconic) vase to make them stronger, give them light and air and take away parasites and fungi.

We save water, not irrigating, but allowing ourselves only an emergency irrigation in times of absolute need. In this way the trees adjust themselves at the shortage of water and they concentrate in the olive oil flavours and tastes.

We use clean energy, thanks to a little photovoltaic implant that gives autonomy to the farm and the packaging site.

We work in the family and we respect our job and the one of the others, legally employing   workers on a fair salary.

The harvest starts at the beginning of the ripening when the olive is still all green, the phenolic and aromatic content are at the maximum. Fruits are delicately picked from the plant and immediately crushed in an olive press with a system with a continuous cycle in two cold phases.

At this point we start the packaging that is made shielding the oil from the light, from heath and being sure that it doesn’t have a sudden change in temperature . Oil is something alive and vital that changes, it modifies and it feels the effects of what happens around it.