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Here in the South of Italy we never know how many we are in a family. In theory we are four, practically we are one thousand. Sunday lunches and parties involve entire villages, communities. This richness is the ground where we’ve got deep roots as well as the ones of our olive trees. From here we take our nourishment, from here we look to the future.
Tenuta Bianco is also a family of women and men who wake up every day and they know that they can count on each other:


Jolanda: She was born in 1979. She studies, she get passionate about wine, she writes a thesis about Promoting the Apulian Wine. Then the love for olive oil and agriculture comes. She attends many vocational training courses, among others the one to become a professional taster of extra virgin olive oil, courses of olive trees pruning and olive growing. Lots of preparation as well as passion bring Jolanda to promote the olive oil culture around Italy.

She is the soul of the company, the heart that started beating giving life to the dream of the whole family. She is strong and stubborn. A real woman from Salento!
She is nicknamed “La Surè’” (The Sister)

Paola: She was born in 1982, the youngest of the family. She has passion and talent and she is also a bit of a dreamer. When she is on a field she likes the contrast between the blue sky and the deep green of the leaves: maybe that’s why she spends too much time with her head in the clouds? Among all the activities she prefers the practical aspect to the managerial one.
She is nicknamed: ‘A Teresa Piccinna” (little Teresa).

Teresa e Gaetano: The whole story is born from their love, because it is from their love that Jolanda and Paola were born, and from their love for the land, care and passion of the Tenuta Bianco are born. Gaetano is a former wood craftsman converted to agriculture, Teresa a wife and a doting mother, together today they support this dream for their daughters. Gaetano nicknamed ‘U Mesciu is a strong and ironic man trained on growing and pruning techniques of the olive trees and today he is the one who takes care of them daily. Teresa, or better, nicknamed “A vispa Teresa”, (lively Teresa from a nursery rhyme) is the one whose company is dedicated to. She is in charge, among other things of the “Marenna” (break) with bread and tomato, which is always punctual on the fields to relieve the morning tiredness. Many of the trees at Tenuta Bianco were given to her by her grandfather before she was even born.

Jolanda e Pai (nonni paterni): “All the goodness comes from the ground” they repeat it quite often. They started going in the fields when they were ten years old, like everyone else at those times. Class of 1926 and 1920, they are Gaetano’s parents. They wanted their children to be craftsmen but today deep down they are pleased for being back to our origins and they try to contribute with their mutterings and their laughter both needed and fantastic. They follow daily their granddaughters advising them about centuries old olive trees that they love of an unrepeatable love.

Maria e Antonio (nonni materni): class of 1916 and 1911, they were Teresa’s parents and of other eight children who grown up in the countryside. In the 1940s it was like that, already at primary school the little ones were giving a hand with small works in the afternoon. At eleven years old they were going to earn a living.  They were already olive growers, but above all grandfather Antonio was a vineyard grafter. He was an innovator before the term existed, thanks to his knowledge he managed to save his vineyard and the ones of many other from the extinction threatened by the Grape phylloxera in the South of Italy.